Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg – How to Tell if You’ve Been Hacked and What to Do About It

Most of you, by now, are aware of the 87 million Facebook user accounts that have been hacked in the Cambridge Analytical scandal.

So the latest from yesterday is that after Zuckerberg’s less than impressive appearance before Congress last week, a Cambridge Analyst has come forward to share this only the beginning for Zuckerberg’s woes.

Facebook has been tagging and identifying users’ photos – without their consent – since 2011, stealing biometric data. A Class Action lawsuit has been filed in the state of Illinois that will result in many more to come in other states. Each photo can bring in a payout for as much as $1,000 to $5,000.


Some of you will be notified that you’ve been hacked but if you have not been and you want to know, you can go here to find out:  https://www.facebook.com/help/1873665312923476?ref=shareable.


Facebook Mark Zuckenberg Cambridge Analytica DATAdministrationGo to https://www.facebook.com/settings. Be sure to check out all of your settings.

Change your password now. Set a calendar notice to change passwords every three (3) months. If that feels like too much, then set a calendar reminder for every six (6) months. If you do not set the reminder, you will forget. Just do it when you set up any new account and set it to repeat.

Do not be lazy… Do not use Facebook or any other app to log into any other accounts.

Set up individual profiles for your online accounts. we’ve all seen those pop up windows that seem to make life easier – they ask, ‘Do you want to login using Facebook (and others)? It’s easy, a time-saver even, and lazy, to click ‘yes.’ Even though I’ve always selected ‘No’ and created my own separate login, I was surprised to learn that in checking Facebook Settings –> Apps and Websites, I discovered Facebook had 30 apps – some I’ve never heard of – indicating I said ‘Yes.’ So is Facebook getting kickbacks for giving these apps access? They have now been deleted.

Below are a few links you can review should you need additional information. Let me know if I can help you change your settings or assist with any other services as listed below.

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How to check if your Facebook data was compromised by Cambridge Analytica

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